Pokémon Competitive Roles: Trapper

By February 26, 2020May 20th, 2021eSports

Previously there has been talk of the competitive roles of Pokémon in this article. However, it did not go deep into each of them. That is why we will be publishing a series of articles with each role. Today we will continue with the Pokémon Trapper.

You don’t run away!
A Pokémon Trapper is that Pokémon that, through its ability or the Pursuit attack, is responsible for catching certain enemies or trying to defeat them during the change.

Usually, what you want with this type of Pokémon is to catch a rival of a particular type, as is the case with the Magnet ability that is responsible for blocking only steel-type Pokémon.

Other skills, such as Arena Trap or Shadow Trap, are not considered entirely Trapper since they do not go towards a specific objective or type, but act on everyone. What this role seeks is to disable an elementary type of Pokémon while in the field.

That is why one of the most used Pokémon in this area is Magnezone. With his ability Magnet and his high Special Attack, it used to be a torment for Steel-type Pokémon, characterized by their great physical component. In fact, it counter one of the most goal Pokémon like Celesteela.

Two other Pokémon that are used as Trappers are Tyranitar and Scizor. More the first than the second, both were widely used with the Pursuit movement to defeat Ghost type Pokémon and, more commonly, Psychic type.

Like many of the roles I’ve played, this one is clearly in disuse since it is not feasible to take a Pokémon to only counter another type. In a team there is usually a variety of movements, types and objects to have an opportunity to respond to any unforeseen situation that may arise.

SOURCE: https://thegamersports.com