Connectivity Solutions

Internet Services

High-Speed, Reliable Internet to Power Your Business Operations

Our internet services provide your business with the high-speed, reliable connectivity it needs to thrive. With various bandwidth options and unparalleled uptime, Navégalo’s internet solutions are a cornerstone for businesses demanding constant connectivity.

Internet Services
Data Transport

Data Transport

Efficient, Secure Data Transport for Your Business Needs

Experience seamless and secure data transport with Navégalo. Our solutions ensure your critical data is transferred swiftly and securely, facilitating efficient operations and communication within your organization.

Cloud Connect

Direct Access for Enhanced Cloud and IT Service Efficiency

Navégalo’s Direct Connect services provide a private, secure, and high-speed link between your business and cloud services. This direct access bypasses the public internet, ensuring more reliable and consistent network performance.

Navégalo Cloud Connect
Navégalo Cloud Connect
IP Block

IP Blocks & Addresses

Customized IP Solutions Tailored to Your Business

We offer a range of IP solutions (IPv4 and IPv6 IP Blocks and IP Addresses) that can be customized to suit your specific business requirements, ensuring optimal network performance and management.

Wholesale Connectivity

Large-Scale Connectivity Solutions for Your Business Expansion

Our wholesale connectivity services are designed to meet the needs of businesses requiring large-scale, high-capacity network solutions. Perfect for ISPs, large enterprises, and data-intensive applications, these services provide the backbone for your expansive connectivity demands.

Cloud Connect
Navégalo Connectivity

IXP Connectivity

Global Interconnectivity with Leading Internet Exchange Points

Navégalo’s IXP Connectivity service offers unparalleled access to major Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), including the Costa Rica Internet Exchange (CRIX) and other global IXPs. This service enables your business to connect directly with a vast network of ISPs, content providers, and other businesses, ensuring high-speed, low-latency, and cost-effective internet connectivity.

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