Navégalo Certifications
& Memberships

At Navégalo, our ethos revolves around upholding unparalleled service standards and unwavering professionalism. Our certifications and memberships are a testament to our zeal for excellence and our relentless pursuit to remain at the pinnacle of the ICT domain.

Navégalo Certifications


  • Rated 3 in Constructed Facilities by Ansi-TIA: An accolade signifying our top-tier infrastructure and undying commitment to dependability.
  • Essential Costa Rica by Procomer: An acknowledgment of our harmonization with Costa Rica’s core values encompassing excellence, sustainability, innovation, and societal advancement.
Navégalo Certifications
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  • Licensed ISP and VoIP Operator by Sutel: Navégalo is officially recognized and licensed by Sutel, Costa Rica’s national telecommunications regulator, as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Voice over IP (VoIP) operator. This licensure not only validates our adherence to national standards and regulations but also emphasizes the importance of providing our clients with legitimate, reliable, and high-quality services. Being a licensed entity in Costa Rica underscores our commitment to transparency, trustworthiness, and excellence in the ICT sector.


  • CAMTIC, Costa Rica: As integral members of the Central American tech consortium, we synergize to catalyze innovation and regional growth.
  • Cybersec Cluster, Costa Rica: Our alliance with Costa Rica’s Cybersec Cluster ensures we uphold the zenith of digital protection for our clientele.
  • PTC – The Pacific Telecommunications Council: Being PTC affiliates places us at the nexus of the networked digital society. PTC champions the progression of ICT across the Pacific Rim, spanning over 40 nations, marking it as the globe’s most dynamic ICT landscape.
  • Britcham, Costa Rica: Our association fortifies the bond between British and Costa Rican enterprises, nurturing mutual collaboration and growth.
  • CRIX, Costa Rica: Our commitment to bolstering seamless internet exchanges within the region, amplifying connectivity for all.
  • FL-IX, Florida Internet Exchange: Our esteemed membership with FL-IX accentuates our dedication to enhancing internet connectivity and exchange efficiency, not just regionally but also internationally.
Navégalo Memberships

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