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Your Gateway to Unparalleled Connectivity in Costa Rica, Latin America, and Miami, Florida

Navégalo Networks emerges as the preeminent Data Center and Connectivity Hub in Central America, defining the standard for unparalleled connectivity services in Costa Rica and beyond. With a strategic focus on providing seamless, high-speed, and redundant connections, our state-of-the-art network infrastructure is meticulously designed to meet the evolving digital demands of our clients.

Navégalo Data Center
Data Transport

Optimized Connectivity in Costa Rica

Our Data Center in Costa Rica stands out for its exceptional connectivity, facilitated by an extensive array of reputable providers. Each provider is integrated into our network through redundant pathways, ensuring reliability and uninterrupted service.

Our partners include:

  • Navégalo
  • Liberty
  • Tigo
  • Ufinet
  • Claro
  • Transdatatelecom
  • CNFL
  • ICE
  • Vocex
  • Luminet
  • Gold Data
  • Metrocom
  • Telecable
  • Cable & Wireless
  • Cirion

Strategic Connectivity Hub in Miami, Florida

Expanding our reach beyond local borders, our Miami, Florida connectivity hub serves as a pivotal link to over 160 global operators and providers. This strategic positioning allows for an expansive network that supports:

  • AS395880 – Boomerang Communications
  • AS12389 – PJSC Rostelecom
  • AS12956 – Telefonica International Wholesale Services, SL
  • AS1299 – Telia Company AB
  • AS15412 – Reliance Globalcom Limited
  • AS174 – Cogent Communications
  • AS209 – Qwest Communications Company, LLC
  • AS2914 – NTT America, Inc.
  • AS3257 – GTT Communications Inc.
  • AS3356 – Level 3 Communications, Inc.
  • AS3549 – Level 3 Communications, Inc. (GBLX)
  • AS42708 – Portlane AB
  • AS6461 – Zayo Bandwidth
  • AS6939 – Hurricane Electric, Inc.
  • AS701 – Verizon Business/UUnet
  • AS7018 – AT&T Services, Inc.
  • AS7922 – Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
  • AS9009 – M247 Ltd
  • AS6993 – Internap
Direct Connect Cloud Services
Navégalo Data Center

Pioneering Submarine and Terrestrial Connectivity

Navégalo proudly leverages its own capacity via four key submarine cables entering Costa Rica: PAC, MAYA-1, ARCOS-1, and AMX1, complemented by terrestrial redundancy that spans from Costa Rica to Honduras and Costa Rica to Panama. This infrastructure ensures robust and uninterrupted regional connectivity.


Internet Exchange Points (IXP) and BGP Peering

We offer direct redundant connectivity to notable IXPs, including CRIX in Costa Rica and FL-IX in Miami, alongside hosting NAV-IX, Central America’s premier regional IXP. Our advanced BGP connectivity facilitates peering with any carrier in the region, enhancing flexibility and network reach.

Navégalo Data Center
Navégalo Data Center

Global DNS Hosting

As a trusted host for several Global DNS instances, including D-root, F-root, K-root, J-root, and L-root, Navégalo ensures reliable and secure internet presence for our clients.


Comprehensive Connectivity Solutions

Navégalo provides a broad spectrum of Internet and Data Transport services, from Fiber Optic to Wireless Point to Point connections, catering to clients across Costa Rica and Central America. Our network’s backbone is supported by our capacity on the MAYA, ARCOS, and PAC Submarine Cables, with strategic landing points in Costa Rica, ensuring superior connectivity.

Navégalo Data Center
Navégalo Data Center

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