Why Navégalo?

7 sustainable, reliable and cost efficient, Data Centers in the Central American region and Miami,
Florida, guaranteeing the highest availability and uptime.

Savings & ROI

Savings & ROI

Maximize your return on investment with our affordable pricing. Find better rates? Let us know and we´ll match or beat them!

Carbon Footprint

Lower your carbon footprint

The electricity that powers our Data Centers comes from renewable energy sources.

Faster Time Market

Faster time to market

Available space, power and resources so that our clients can get up and running faster.



Multiple security devices and layers for compliance and complete piece of mind.


Extreme support

24/7/365 extreme support on-hand to ensure your infrastructure operations are continuously performing.



We have the technical team to provide our clients with migration services, from colocation migrations, to cloud VM migrations and everything in between.



Infrastructure redundancy and concurrent maintainability ensure consistent uptime for our client’s mission-critical applications.

Multiple Services Navégalo

Multiple Services

A complete suite of services attractive to hyperscalers and global companies of all sizes.



We own capacity on the three submarine cables – Arcos, Maya and PAC – that border and enter Central America on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, guaranteeing the highest availability for our clients in the region, plus all Navégalo Data Centers are interconnected providing the lowest latencies and multiple options of connectivity from Central America to the world!.



Our Data Centers are currently Rated 3 and Tier III Certified and we are in the process of completing the following certifications this year: CEEDA, Carbon Neutral, Leed Gold, PCI 4.0, ISO 9001, 14001, 14064, 27001, and 50001.

Don’t Risk the Losses Associated with Data Center Downtime

We have built our Data Centers with multiple layers of redundancy for our power, cooling, and network systems to ensure maximum up-time and deliverability.  Backup systems include N+1 configurations, uninterruptible power supplies, generators with 24 hour run time at peak load, and on-site fuel supply. Our facilities are monitored and regulated 24×7×365 to provide the optimal environment for your servers and networking equipment.

Our NOC and SOC are manned on a 24 hour basis to provide our Extreme Support in English and Spanish.

Navégalo Data Center
ISP Provider

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

We provide fully redundant BGP bandwidth in our Data Centers, backed by multiple upstream carriers such as Cogent, Sparkle, Hurricane Electric and Unitas Global and delivered to our Data Centers via three submarine cables that border and enter Central America.  Our core infrastructure is fully backed up by redundant routers, switches and firewalls, guaranteeing the highest uptime and availability.

We also manage Fiber Optic and Wireless networks throughout Central America, allowing us to deliver Internet and services to our clients in the various countries, as well as direct connections from their locations to our Data Centers.