COLOCATE your infrastructure
in any of our 8 Data Centers

Backed by 24/7/365 On-Premise Support

Available in our Data Centers located in
Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia and Miami, Florida

Single Server (1U)

  • 1U Space
  • UPS / Power Generator
  • 1000 Mbps Up/Down Port
  • 5 Static Public IPs ( /29 )
  • 10 Mbps 95Percentile Bandwidth (3TB)


Quarter Rack (10U)

  • 10U Space
  • 1 KVA of Power + UPS / Power Generator Backup
  • 1000 Mbps Up/Down Port
  • 2 x Network Port ( 1 for Public Internet + 1 for Private Out of Band Network)
  • Free Static Public IPv4 ( /28 ) – IPv6 ( /48 )
  • Free BGP Session IPv4 / IPv6
  • 25 Mbps 95Percentile Bandwidth (7.5TB)


Half Rack (20U)

  • 20U Space
  • 1 KVA of Power + UPS / Power Generator Backup
  • 1000 Mbps Up/Down Port
  • 2 x Network Port ( 1 for Public Internet + 1 for Private Out of Band Network)
  • Free Static Public IPv4 ( /28 ) – IPv6 ( /48 )
  • Free BGP Session IPv4 / IPv6
  • 50 Mbps 95Percentile Bandwidth (15TB)


Full Rack (42U)

  • 42U Space
  • 2 KVAs of Power + UPS / Power Generator Backup
  • 1000 Mbps Up/Down Port
  • 2 x Network Port ( 1 for Public Internet + 1 for Private Out of Band Network)
  • Free Static Public IPv4 ( /28 ) – IPv6 ( /48 )
  • Free BGP Session IPv4 / IPv6
  • 75 Mbps 95Percentile Bandwidth (22.5TB)


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    What is Colocation?

    A colocation facility, also known as colo, is a data center where businesses can rent space for their servers and computing hardware. These facilities offer a range of technical features and benefits for businesses looking to utilize colocation services.

    Colocation facilities provide essential infrastructure, including reliable power supply, redundant internet connectivity, and robust cooling systems to maintain optimal operating conditions for servers and hardware. They also prioritize physical security through measures like access control systems, surveillance cameras, and onsite security personnel. This ensures that the customer’s equipment remains protected from unauthorized access and potential threats.

    Another key advantage of colocation services is the availability of cross connectivity. Colocation data centers often have multiple carriers and network providers, allowing businesses to establish diverse network connections and ensure high-speed and reliable connectivity. This redundancy in connectivity minimizes the risk of network downtime and provides businesses with enhanced reliability for their operations.

    Redundancy is a critical aspect of colocation facilities. They typically have redundant power systems, including backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), to ensure continuous power availability. This redundancy safeguards against power outages and guarantees that servers and hardware remain operational even during unforeseen events.

    Colocation facilities commonly adhere to various regulations, such as compliance with data privacy and security standards like GDPR. This compliance ensures that businesses can meet legal requirements and maintain the security and integrity of their data.

    Service level agreements (SLAs) are a crucial consideration when selecting a colocation data center. SLAs define the guaranteed level of availability and uptime the facility offers. Data centers classify their availability into tiers, such as Tier 1 to Tier 4. Each tier represents a different level of redundancy and resilience, with Tier 4 offering the highest level of availability and ability to withstand power outages for up to 96 hours.

    Data centers also measure their operational efficiency through power usage effectiveness (PUE). PUE is a metric that indicates how efficiently a data center utilizes power. Lower PUE scores signify higher efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and potentially lower costs for tenants.

    In summary, colocation facilities provide businesses with a range of technical advantages, including robust infrastructure, physical security, cross connectivity, redundant power systems, compliance with regulations, and clear SLAs. Understanding factors such as availability tiers and PUE scores is important when choosing a colocation facility that meets specific business needs.

    Navégalo Data Center

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Strategic Location / Proximity to the USA: Costa Rica is strategically located between North and South America and is only a 2-hour flight from the main continental United States.
    • Advanced Connectivity: The 3 submarine cables that interconnect Costa Rica with the world enter Costa Rica on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and provide the highest redundancy for Internet and telecommunications in the region.
    • Workforce: Costa Rica has a bilingual and very talented workforce, especially in the technology sector, creating a perfect environment for companies seeking to colocate servers offshore.
    • Democratic Country: Costa Rica is a democratic country, with no standing army since 1948, making it one of the most stable, secure and peaceful countries in the Western Hemisphere.
    1. Colocation space for Single Unit Servers, Half Racks or Full Racks.
    2. Choice between Navégalo Redundant Internet and more than 15 local providers that are already located in Navégalo’s Meet Me Room.
    3. Cross connections with local and international providers.
    4. DDoS protection and mitigation service.
    5. Remote eyes and hands support.
    1. Rated-3 certified facility providing a concurrently maintainable site infrastructure.
    2. Carrier neutral facility.
    3. Navégalo has its own redundant connectivity via the 3 submarine cables that enter Costa Rica on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.
    4. Navégalo can provide clients with redundant Internet backed by the most reliable International Carriers such as Cogent, Hurricane Electric and INAP.
    5. Over 15 local Internet providers available in Navégalo’s Meet Me Room.
    6. Reliable & Redundant UPS / Generator Power.
    7. Advanced Cooling Systems & Climate Control.
    8. Fire suppression systems installed throughout Data Center.
    9. 24/7/365 Security.
    10. 24/7/365 bilingual NOC support.
    11. Proactive Monitoring of Equipment.
    Yes! All colocation clients have the choice to use Navégalo’s redundant bandwidth or request a cross connect with one or more of the over 15 providers within Navégalo’s Meet Me Room.
    Only the best! You will receive redundancy (via BGP) from the following providers:
    1. COGENT
    2. INAP
    3. Hurricane Electric
    4. NAV-IX (Navégalo Internet Exchange)
    5. FL-IX (Florida Internet Exchange)
    6. CRIX (Costa Rica Internet Exchange)
    Many! At Navégalo we pride ourselves on being one of the most interconnected Data Centers in the Central American region. You can request a cross connect from Navégalo and sign up for Internet service from any of the following providers in Costa Rica already located in our Meet Me Room:
    1. Millicom / Tigo
    2. Telecable
    3. CableTica
    4. Gold Data
    5. Ufinet
    6. Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE)
    7. Luminet
    8. Columbus Networks (Cable and Wireless)
    9. Vocex
    10. TransdataTelecom
    11. Radiográfica Costarricense (RACSA)
    12. CNFL
    13. Lumen
    14. Metrocom
    15. Claro
    16. Movistar (Telefonica)
    17. ESPH
    18. R&H International Telecom Services
    19. Red Centroamericana De Telecomunicaciones S.A. ( REDCA )
    Navégalo has a great relationship with each and every one of the providers listed here and because of this we have preferential pricing that we can pass on to you if you wish to contract the service via Navégalo. If you prefer to do this on your own all you need to do is purchase a cross connect from us.
    No problem at all! As a Carrier Neutral facility you can either request that the provider install fiber into our Meet Me Room or request your own dedicated fiber optic line to be installed via a third-party connectivity provider.
    At Navégalo we have many years of expertise working with clients in all business sectors, from real estate, to health – travel, to online gaming and everything in between. At Navégalo we have the technical and human resources to guarantee the highest uptime in the industry and we are the first and only Data Center in Costa Rica to provide our basic DDoS Protection and Mitigation service as a standard feature for all of our clients. Contact us today and we will make the transition over to Navégalo Data Center as smooth as possible.
    Yes. We have built our own NOC in order to be able to provide the best technical support in the country, with Bilingual staff (English and Spanish) ready to take on any tech support requests that our clients may have on a 24/7/365 basis.
    Yes. We provide the highest possible security from our Rated III facility in San Jose, Costa Rica:
    1.  – Building perimeter cameras that are monitored from our NOC on a 24/7/365 basis.
    2.  – Building security officers on site 24/7/365.
    3.  – Lobby security (you must register before entering the facility).
    4.  – All customers must be escorted by one of our techs.
    5.  – Fire proof doors separate each room.
    6.  – Cabinet that each have their own lock.
    7.  – Cameras throughout the facility in order to monitor movement from our NOC on a 24/7/365 basis.
    Yes! There are a number of stations available throughout the Data Center.
    Yes! Once we have the LOA, we can setup the full BGP.
    Yes. Once you authorize us, we will advertise your IP block and route it to your router.
    No! We provide APC PDUs for all our standard installations.
    Yes! We can do 208v circuits as well.
    Yes! All customer servers are connected to emergency power with redundant UPS and backup generators.