Navégalo Internet Exchange (IXP)
The Interconnection Platform in Central America

Navégalo Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is dedicated to improving connectivity and reducing costs between networks throughout the Central American region.

Navégalo IXP allows ISPs, content providers and companies to exchange IP traffic quickly, profitably and easily.

Among its objectives:

  • Make Internet routing more efficient.
  • Improve quality of service.
  • Minimize interconnection costs in Central America and Panama.
  • Accelerate local and regional Internet communications.
  • Reduce international satellite and terrestrial fiber optic links latencies.
  • These are our current latencies between Costa Rica and the various Central American countries:
  • Panama: 9 ms
  • Nicaragua: 9 ms
  • Guatemala: 19 ms
  • Salvador: 18 ms
  • Honduras: 18 ms
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Less expensive when compared to IP traffic


Better connectivity and improved routing

10G & 100G Ports

Market leading port prices at 10G and 100G


Direct and redundant connections between all countries in Central America