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Navégalo, headquartered in San José, Costa Rica, provides Data Center, Cloud, Connectivity and VoIP services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes.
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We are the premier provider of Data Center and Telecommunication services for corporations in Central America, South America and Miami, Florida.
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Central America's most certified Data Center and Telecommunications provider

Navégalo Certifications
Data Center Excellence

Powering Business Growth and Innovation

At NAVÉGALO, we provide an extensive range of Data Center Solutions. Each service is carefully designed to boost the capabilities of businesses across various industries and sizes, catering to each unique requirement of our clients.

Navégalo Data Center Costa Rica
Navégalo Data Center Costa Rica
Advanced Connectivity Solutions

Connecting Your Business to the World

NAVÉGALO is dedicated to providing superior connectivity solutions. Our services are customized to meet the unique connectivity demands of a wide range of businesses, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

Cloud Computing

Empowering Your Business in the Cloud

NAVÉGALO's Cloud Services are developed to support a wide range of digital needs, ensuring that each client benefits from tailored cloud computing solutions that enhance their digital operations.

Navégalo Data Center Costa Rica
Navégalo Data Center Costa Rica
Cutting-Edge VoIP Services

Transforming Communications Across Industries

NAVÉGALO's VoIP Solutions are crafted with precision to address the varied communication needs of diverse clients. Our solutions bring efficiency and innovation to your business communications.

Customized Solutions for Every Business

Meeting the Unique Needs of Our Clients

NAVÉGALO is dedicated to providing services that are uniquely aligned with the diverse needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that cater to the individual requirements of each business, regardless of its type and size.

NAVÉGALO also offersFlexible Hostingfor a broad spectrum of clients, including startups, fintech companies, healthcare providers, and more.

Why Navégalo?

Choose NAVÉGALO for Comprehensive, Sustainable, and Certified Telecommunications, Data Center, and Cybersecurity Solutions

By choosing NAVÉGALO, you partner with a leader in not just telecommunications and data center solutions, but also in comprehensive cybersecurity services.
We are committed to supporting your business's growth in a secure, certified, and environmentally responsible manner

Navégalo Data Centers & PoPs
Make IT Happen

"AtNavégalo, each client is our priority. From Data Center to Connectivity, Cloud to DDoS Mitigation and Protection, we strive to"Make IT Happen"in everything that we do. With constant support, rigorous security protocols, and a focus on redundancy and reliability, Navégalo is more than a supplier; we are your ally inbuilding a sustainable IT future."

Tyson Ennis, CEO