PlayStation 5 controlled by an AI

By February 26, 2020May 20th, 2021eSports

From the little we know about the next Sony console, it seems that it will be a very powerful tool. Either by its Zen 2 CPU or the SSD to reduce loading times, it is most likely that the next generation of PlayStation should talk. Especially after the data published by Daniel Ahmad, an analyst in the video game industry. Apparently, Sony has patented PlayStation Assist, a voice assistant for PS5.

And it is not surprising, since with the existence of Siri, Alexa and Cortana, there was a voice assistant for consoles. It is true that both Xbox and PlayStation respond to voice commands. However, what PlayStation Assist would bring us would go much further.

“PlayStation Assist would be the name of the voice assistant”

As published by Ahmad, the voice assistant would be controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). And not only would you listen to the typical commands of opening video games or turning on the console, it would also help to help you in the games. In the PlayStation patent, he is described as a voice assistant very integrated into video games.

In fact, players could ask questions like: “Where can I find” X “object?” and the assistant would indicate several ways to achieve it. Among them, I could even mark it on the game map. In the same way, we could also ask you questions about how to defeat a specific enemy, or what is the next step in case some level gets stuck.

Also, players could ask the questions in various formats. In addition to audio, they could do it with images or videos. Of course, as with the other patents, there is no meaning that we will see a voice assistant on PlayStation 5. But at least it’s nice to know that Sony is still working hard on the improvements of the next generation of consoles.