Navégalo is in the Top 10 Ecosystems Data Center in Latin America

By February 19, 2021July 30th, 2022Business

Navégalo is in the Top 10 Ecosystems Data Center in Latin America

We ended last week with great news for everyone at Navégalo. The Australian company, CloudScene, recognized us amongst the Top 10 Ecosystems Data Center in Latin America.

This means that our Data Center ecosystem from physical infrastructure to software, is among the top 10 in the entire industry in Latin America. Thus, we reiterate our commitment to continue providing the best services in the region not only in Central America, but all of the Americas, as well as the rest of the world.
From our operations in Costa Rica and all our branches throughout Central American, we welcome this news as a challenge to continue to grow and provide services with the same quality and dedication with which we do today.

This recognition, which is a great honor for us, took into consideration these qualities in order to determine the “Top 10” for the geographical areas of North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Latin America. This is the first time in history that Latin America was considered in the top.

– Total data center footprint (20%)
– Service provider ecosystem (30%)
– Total network fabric presence (20%)
– Total cloud on-ramps (30%)

You can find more information on the following CloudScene link, where you can see the other geographical rankings. Of course, our goal is to continue to aspire to be internationally renowned due to our top quality of our services. This recognition brings us another step closer to our international plans.

Thank you very much for choosing our services and for reading us one more week!

Tyson Ennis, MBA



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