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Navégalo Cloud Servers

One of our services that has the highest demand is our cloud service. Our infrastructure, recently chosen as one of the best in Latin America, allows us to have different and unique features to manage your server.

At Navégalo, we sell a pool of resources (RAM, Virtual Processing Cores and SAN) to our clients to use at their convenience. They can create, delete and edit any virtual machine in our infrastructure.

Our clients who have Navégalo’s private cloud can:

  • Have their own Dashboard: A control panel where you can monitor and control the environment of your virtual servers.
  • Backup: The automatic snapshot function can be activated and deactivated, in this way there will always be a backup of the content of the servers, as well as the possibility of restoring the system from the last backup made.
  • Manage your resources: Add or remove RAM, cores or storage at your convenience, as well as activate the function of allocating any of these resources according to the use of the machine.
  • Virtual machines: In a very simple way, the client’s own virtual machines can be created, deleted and modified. The interface is very user friendly and easy to use.

The servers can be created with the resources that your company needs and we offer personalized advice from a technical team prepared to assist you.

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