Strategic Partnerships

Navégalo’s Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with Global Tech Leaders

Navégalo Partnerships: Bridging Excellence with Innovation At Navégalo, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration. Our strategic partnerships with global technology leaders enable us to bring you the best of both worlds: Navégalo’s commitment to excellence and our partners’ groundbreaking innovations. Here’s a glimpse into our esteemed partnerships:

  • CNFL: Our vital partner to ensure a consistent power supply in Navégalo’s operations.
  • Cloudflare: Together with Cloudflare, we ensure your digital assets are always available, secure, and supercharged. Experience faster web performance, robust security, and enhanced reliability.
  • cPanel: Our collaboration with cPanel simplifies website and server management. Benefit from an intuitive interface, powerful tools, and streamlined operations.
  • Plesk: Partnering with Plesk empowers our clients with a versatile platform to manage web projects, making web operations smooth and secure.
  • Proxmox: With Proxmox, we offer cutting-edge solutions for virtualization and containerized software deployment, ensuring optimal resource utilization and performance.
  • VMWare: Our alliance with VMWare amplifies our virtualization offerings, allowing businesses to harness the power of cloud computing while ensuring scalability and flexibility.
  • Microsoft: As partners with Microsoft, we integrate a suite of solutions ranging from cloud services to software products, ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital transformation journey.
  • Zoho: Collaborating with Zoho, we provide a comprehensive suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications tailored to boost your business efficiency and collaboration.
  • Google Workspace: Our partnership with Google Workspace ensures seamless collaboration, productivity, and innovation. Access a suite of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar, all designed to bring teams together.
  • AWS: Our collaboration with AWS offers scalable cloud solutions, ensuring businesses have access to the most advanced cloud infrastructure and services.
  • Google Cloud: Teaming up with Google Cloud, we provide businesses with powerful cloud-based solutions, harnessing the vast capabilities of Google’s infrastructure.
  • Microsoft Azure: Our partnership with Microsoft Azure allows us to deliver top-tier cloud services, ensuring businesses can scale and innovate with confidence.
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