Navégalo One Data Center

Eco-Friendly Data Center Innovations

Step into the realm of Navégalo’s data center, a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and steadfast reliability, tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises.


Navégalo Certifications

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Safeguard your equipment within our fortified premises. From single server units, to quarter, half and full cabinets / racks to bespoke cages and suites, our advanced infrastructure ensures your data is protected, efficient, and perpetually accessible.


Cloud Services

Dive into our versatile cloud ecosystem. Our indigenous cloud solution in Costa Rica offers low latency and local expertise, while collaborations with global cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud provide an array of tailored options.


Bare Metal Servers

Experience the sheer power of our dedicated servers, meticulously calibrated to align with your distinct requirements, delivering consistent peak performance



Navigate the digital space with our agile virtual private servers, architected for scalability and supreme efficiency.


Storage & Backup

With our robust storage and backup infrastructure, data integrity is never compromised. Your information remains secure, retrievable, and always within arm’s reach


Domain Registration

Establish your digital presence with our exhaustive domain registration services, spanning over 500 local and global domain extensions, ensuring your online identity is unique and impactful.


Web Hosting

Whether you lean towards Linux, Windows, or WordPress, our web hosting solutions ensure your sites run seamlessly and with vigor

Our forward-thinking data center, boasting a scalable power capacity of 15MW and accommodating 380 racks,
is not just equipped for the present, but is geared for the future.

Beyond technology, our dedication to the environment is palpable, with a proud track record of operating on 99% renewable energy for the past decade. At Navégalo, our commitment is to our customers. With round-the-clock NOC and SOC, stringent security protocols, and an unwavering focus on redundancy and reliability, we stand by our promise to “Make IT Happen”. Embark on a sustainable IT journey with Navégalo.