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Over the next 2 months, Global Marketing Solutions (Grupo GMS), Navégalo, Rack Lodge, Boomerang Wireless, Othos Telecomunicaciones and Block DDoS will evolve into a unified identity under the Navégalo brand, however the spirit and capabilities of each of these companies will continue as Navégalo.

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Grupo GMS Costa Rica
Rack Lodge Data Center
Internet Boomerang Costa Rica
Othos Telecomunicaciones Costa Rica
Navégalo Costa Rica
Block DDoS Costa Rica

ONE Data Center.

Navégalo ONE Data Center is the largest Data Center in Central America, with presence in 7 countries, 9 Data Centers, more than 200 providers and 100% redundancy.

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Navégalo Data Center
Telefonía IP VoIP Costa Rica

Operator License Granted By:


We provide IP Telephony solutions – equipment, telephone lines and very attractive plans for local and international calls.

Navégalo is the only provider in Costa Rica with redundant connections to the 4 largest operators:

Operadores Telefónicos Costa Rica
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ONE Licensing.

We provide the following licensing: VMWare, Microsoft, Redhat, cPanel, Plesk, Oracle and others

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Navégalo Licensing
Navégalo Ciberseguridad

ONE Security

Data security and application solutions, including DDoS protection and mitigation against layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks.

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Navégalo Mercadeo Digital

ONE Marketing

E-Blast and SMS messaging platforms for sending alerts, advertising, reminders, charges, reservations and more.

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Navégalo Internet de las Cosas


We provide intelligent network infrastructure to improve operations, security and productivity.

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Navégalo IPTV


IPTV service with more than 80 digital channels in HD, FULL HD and up to 3 devices per account.

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Navégalo Centro America Network

Cloud Connect.

Simplified Connectivity.

The easiest way to interconnect the cloud services that drive your business.

Alibaba Cloud
Navégalo Cloud
Google Cloud

Navégalo News.

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February 26, 2020

Submarine cables: the basis of telecommunications

An underwater or Interoceanic cable is that copper or fiber optic cable installed on the seabed and primarily intended for telecommunication services. However, there are also submarine cables for the…
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Navégalo make IT happen

Navégalo Data Center.

Navégalo Data Center is the largest Data Center in Central America.

7 countries, 9 Data Centers, more than 200 providers and 100% redundancy

Costa Rica | Nicaragua | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Panamá | Miami, FL.
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