We aim to be more green

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Aiming to be more green

2021 is an excellent opportunity to take steps towards our new goals. At Navégalo, we have challenged ourselves to become more environmentally conscious and responsible. That being said, we wanted to share the responses to a recent interview regarding an important article.

1- In what ways is Costa Rica becoming a hub for telecommunications services for Central America?

Costa Rica has become a center of attraction for contracting telecommunications services due to various factors. First is the renown quality of human talent that we have. Second is the strategic location that Costa Rica has, right in the middle of 2 super powerful continents such as North America and South America. Third, the political and economic stability that we enjoy in the country. Fourth, the proximity to the United States of America and similarity in time zones. Fifth, the world-class technological infrastructure that the country has. Finally, the diverse opportunities to generate new businesses from technology throughout the region. An example is how we have had the opportunity to expand our business and have a presence in all of Central America. For the reasons above mentioned, the quality of the services provided being remarkable compared to any other competitor in the region.

2- How important are sustainable practices and green energy across the Central American data center industry in 2021?

Sustainability practices are relevant in the data center market. Today, we seek how to provide our services in an environmentally responsible manner. Costa Rica is an example for the rest of the world of a sustainable power production. Navégalo is aiming for that same goal. First of all, the country produces close to 98% clean energy. Second, having the Essential Costa Rica certification, and reinforcing the country’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gases and promoting a decarbonized economy. The “green” vision of the economy is where we are heading, and so the technology market must advance steadily following this goal.

3- How is renewable energy creating a shift in the minds of data center customers and service providers in Cosa Rica?

Renewable energies are a great ally. When it comes to international discussion of climate change and the responsible use of natural resources, Costa Rica stands out, so that more and more consumers are showing a preference towards our services, which are provided using responsibly the resources available to a territory.

Thank you very much for reading us, but overall, thank you for being part of our efforts.

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Tyson Ennis, MBA



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