IP Telephony Solutions (VoIP)

Navégalo ONE VoIP offers IP telephony services for SMEs and Corporations in Central America, in search of high redundancy and security products and services, such as local and international telephone numbers (DIDs), physical and virtual PBXs, E1 SIP service, telephones, accessories and more.

We are the only provider in Costa Rica with redundant connection to the 4 largest operators:

Operadores Telefónicos Costa Rica
Telefonía IP VoIP Costa Rica

Operator License Granted By:

Solutions & Services

A complete portfolio of voice services for small, medium and large companies.

Local Numbers

Our local numbers can be configured on Voice Over IP (VoIP) phones, softphones or virtual or physical PBXs.


International Numbers

This service is ideal for customers who require an international presence, allowing unlimited incoming calls and at a local rate.


E1 SIP Service

Specialized service for companies with a  large volume of calls – includes 30 channels and 100 Local Numbers (DIDs).


PBX (Virtual)

Cloud PBX solution managed and supervised by the Navégalo team.


PBX (Physical)

Ideal solution for medium and large companies that need to have an on-premise PBX.


IP Phones & Accessories

We offer a wide range of IP devices and accessories with the best support and warranty.