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By December 15, 2020July 28th, 2022Business
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Nowadays, if you aren’t on the web, you don’t exist – this has never been more true!

We are using the web increasingly to search for any business that is required. Google is the best ally of a person trying to find information that they need.

For companies it is even more important, so here are 3 reasons why you should have your business online. Also, a good opportunity to take advantage of the 15% discount that we have during December.

Search engines

As we said a few lines above, search engines are to find information and we all use them. Big ones like Google index the websites that exist thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When someone finds your business on Google, you gain credibility with potential customers and help to be more visible. It is important that your page includes physical location, telephone number, email, social networks and high-quality photographs of your product or service.


An important point when purchasing a website is also to personalize your email with the name of your company. Bonus points for a professional email ending in “@“. For example, in Navégalo our emails are [email protected]. In this way we will avoid scams or deception on our behalf and we will earn a reputation for being a serious business.


A website is a great way to advertise with little investment. If one knows how to be situated on the first pages of search engines, it will be enough to attract new customers. In addition, we can tie our social media strategies with the web. It is a complement for excellence, and a means of posting messages without paying.


At Navégalo we specialize in all the technology services necessary for your company to be online, from the domain name, to emails and even up to SSL certificates.

Visit us at and discover the packages we have for your business.

Until next week!

Tyson Ennis, MBA