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Central America


We provide Carrier Class, Full Duplex, Point-to-Point microwave and fiber optic services via our MPLS network, which has been specifically designed for fast routing and redundancy.

We provide Internet and Data Transport plans for SMEs, Corporate and Residential Clients through our 100% redundant wireless and fiber optic network.

Data Centers

Within our Carrier Neutral Data Centers, our customers can choose to connect to the Internet provider of their choice, or use our Redundant Internet (BGP), 100% managed by Navégalo and backed by a 100% Uptime SLA .

Our Data Centers have a direct connection to our facilities in Miami providing absolute regional access and backup to our complete portfolio of solutions.

We also host the following instances of the Global Domain Name System (DNS):

  • D-root
  • F-root
  • K-root
  • J-root
  • L-root

We can provide our clients with interconnection to the following Internet exchange points in Costa Rica, Central America and throughout the world, providing them access to a huge number of operators, content providers and global services (peers):

  • IXP.LA (Central America)
  • FL-IX (Florida)
  • NOTA (Florida)
  • CRIX (Costa Rica)
  • AMS-IX (Holland)
  • DE-CIX (Germany)
  • LINX (United Kingdom)
Navégalo Data Center
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Cable & Wireless
Navégalo Data Center
Internet Providers Miami

Miami, USA

We provide and offer protected fiber connections between our 2 facilities in Miami (Digital Realty and NOTA (NAP of the Americas), allowing our clients to interconnect with more than 160 operators and providers from around the world.

  • AS395880 – Boomerang Communications
  • AS12389 – PJSC Rostelecom
  • AS12956 – Telefonica International Wholesale Services, SL
  • AS1299 – Telia Company AB
  • AS15412 – Reliance Globalcom Limited
  • AS174 – Cogent Communications
  • AS209 – Qwest Communications Company, LLC
  • AS2914 – NTT America, Inc.
  • AS3257 – GTT Communications Inc.
  • AS3356 – Level 3 Communications, Inc.
  • AS3549 – Level 3 Communications, Inc. (GBLX)
  • AS42708 – Portlane AB
  • AS6461 – Zayo Bandwidth
  • AS6939 – Hurricane Electric, Inc.
  • AS701 – Verizon Business/UUnet
  • AS7018 – AT&T Services, Inc.
  • AS7922 – Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
  • AS9009 – M247 Ltd
  • AS6993 – Internap

Our Network.

We have our own capacity on the MAYA, ARCOS and PAC Submarine Cables, with 2 landings point in Costa Rica, at the Bri-Brí Station, located on the Atlantic coast (MAYA & ARCOS), and the Un-Quí station, located in Esterillos on the Pacific coast (PAC).

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Navégalo Data Center.

Navégalo Data Center is the largest Data Center in Central America.

Data Centers with more than 200 providers and 100% redundancy

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