Navégalo Costa Rica

Navégalo is a 100% Costa Rican company that integrates a set of products and services in Information and Communication Technologies that are very attractive for companies of all sizes.

Formerly known as Grupo GMS, Navégalo has consolidated into one of the largest IT companies in Central America by integrating the following companies into one single strategic unit:

  • Rack Lodge
  • Boomerang Wireless
  • Othos Telecom
  • Block DDoS

Among the services offered by Navégalo are:

  • Cloud
  • Data Center
  • Internet
  • IP Telephony (VoIP)
  • IPTV
  • Cybersecurity
  • IoT
  • Digital Marketing (SMS and HTML)
  • Software Licensing

We welcome you to our family and invite you to enjoy our products and services that we are sure will help you to improve your daily operations.

Navégalo make IT happen
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Navégalo Timeline

Grupo GMS, and all its divisions, are now Navégalo


Grupo GMS and its 5 divisions become Navégalo, establishing itself as one of the largest IT companies in the region, under a single brand and a single corporate image.

In this same year we attained Tier / Rating III certification for our Data Center facilities, an achievement that only few Data Centers in the world have obtained


In 2017 we presented Block DDoS for our client’s security, the region’s premiere DDoS Protection and Mitigation company ensuring Infrastructure Protection (Layer 3 & 4) and Web Application Protection (Layer 7).


In 2014 Boomerang Wireless was born, a provider authorized by SUTEL to provide connectivity solutions for clients nationwide, through our own wireless and fiber optic networks.


In 2013, Grupo GMS purchase Othos Telecom from a Brazilian company; and becomes one of the very few IP telephony operators authorized by SUTEL in Costa Rica, for clients both nationally and internationally.


In 2007 Grupo GMS enters the Data Center business with Rack Lodge Data Center, a company dedicated to providing managed hosting solutions for clients worldwide.


In 2003 Navé, the first information, entertainment and services portal in Costa Rica was created, becoming in a very short period time, the most visited site in Central America.


Grupo GMS began operations in 2002 as a company dedicated to analyze, build and implement marketing solutions for customers on a regional and International level.

Navégalo make IT happen

We are now Navégalo, and we have integrated and grouped our services and solutions such as ONE Connect, ONE Data Center, ONE VoIP, ONE Licensing, ONE Security, ONE IoT, ONE Marketing and ONE TV for business customers and SMEs, and HOME Internet, HOME VoIP , HOME IPTV and HOME Triple Play for residential customers.

Navégalo make IT happen

Navégalo Data Center.

Navégalo Data Center is the largest Data Center in Central America.

Data Centers with more than 200 providers and 100% redundancy

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