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By May 14, 2021July 30th, 2022Business
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Navégalo has a very robust telephony infrastructure. The uniqueness of its service is the ability to be able to use it anywhere in the world and at the same time take advantage of the excellent rates.

What is the difference with conventional telephony?

There is one essential characteristic that makes IP telephony different from a conventional telephony: the way the data is transmitted. An analog telephony is where the telephone’s cable connects with the other party; in IP telephony, your voice is converted into data and sent to the other party via the internet.

Why IP telephony?

There are so many advantages that the list could go on for a while, we will list only a few to convince those who have not switched over yet.

  1. Minimal investment and no telephone maintenance cost.
  2. Centralized system and huge savings in the calls made.
  3. Movability. The incredible thing about this telephony is that you can install a software on your cell phone and take your business anywhere. You can continue your operations wherever you are, worldwide!
  4. Fast installation.
  5. Detailed and precise call reports.

Who is the service for?

This is a question that we get quite often. The telephony is designed for companies of all kinds, large and small; regardless of the number of employees. The key point is how much you saved, which will be visible on just your first invoice.

Our new telephony rates

As we mentioned, we now have new rates, which are available on our website:

Navégalo VoIP

Here you can see prices like Costa Rican national line, as well as international lines from anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. A sales specialist will be glad to tailor a solution that best suits your needs.