Navégalo SMS

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Navégalo SMS

Keeping in touch with your customers is very important to introduce and sell your services. To do this, we offer Navégalo SMS, a service for sending mass text messages to your database.

Today, text messages are widely used to market services, send reminders and personalized information, among others. All this can be done on our SMS sending platform.

What is Navégalo SMS about?

This is a service where our clients can upload their own mobile phone database and send text messages as they requirement. The service allows different functionalities that make it very easy and friendly:

  • The control panel itself is easy to use.
  • The client can upload his own database.
  • You can create mini databases within your contacts. For example, a campaign only to mothers on Mother’s Day or to fathers on Father’s Day.
  • You can send campaigns to the entire base or to specific numbers.
  • You can customize messages.
  • The dashboard also has the option to schedule campaigns in advance.

How does it work?

The service is available throughout Central America and the United States. You only need to go to our website and enter the SMS section where you can see the rates and calculate the price of the campaign you want, anywhere from 1,000 to the number of messages your company needs.

In this link you can find the detail:

If you want an exclusive price for any area, we have a salesperson ready to assist at [email protected]

It is our pleasure to help you continue to have a successful business!

Tyson Ennis, MBA



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