Navégalo Licensing – Business SPLA

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Navégalo Licensing – Business SPLA

Software ensures the correct functioning of the equipment that you have use. This, along with hardware maintenance, will prepare your equipment for any setback.

However, while ideal, it is quite costly to ensure that the date software licenses are up to date.  Navégalo does help you out by offering the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) service, exclusively, for the servers located in our Data Center.

What is SPLA about?

SPLA allows you to lease the software licenses at a fixed and affordable monthly payment. Furthermore, this service includes all of the updates to the leased licenses. We offer the following solutions:

  • Windows Server license, quoted by number of processing cores.
  • Microsoft SQL license.
  • Windows Remote Desktop license

Of course, each license would be quoted in accordance with necessities. Please feel free to contact us directly at the following email [email protected].

We hope this information is useful for your company!

See you next week.

Tyson Ennis, MBA



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