Navégalo has been offering green crypto mining services in Costa Rica since 2018.

Our infrastructure provides operating conditions that allow you to host mining equipment powered 100% with renewable energy from wind, hydro and geothermal power plants.

Navégalo Crytocurrency

Infrastructure custom-built for miners

Any Scale

We work with customers from 100kW to wholesale buildings that can accommodate multi MW infrastructures.

ASIC Miner Hosting

We work with our customers to find the most cost and operationally optimized solution for their mining operations.

Reliability, Security and Sustainability

We ensure reliability and physical security of our infrastructure while only using 100% renewable energy.

24/7 Expert Support

Our team has extensive experience in mining operations and maintenance to optimize hardware investments and minimize downtime.

Service Levels

Navégalo’s cryptocurrency mining services come in four tiers.

Miner Hosting Silver

Miner Hosting Silver

Miner Hosting Silver allows our customers host their hardware and leverage Navégalo’s industry-leading power and cooling infrastructure.

Miner Hosting Gold

Miner Hosting Gold

Miner Hosting Gold bundles the Miner Hosting Basic plan with Navégalo’s own mining operations staff to streamline on-the-ground operations.

Miner Hosting Premium

Miner Hosting Platinum

Miner Hosting Platinum is a full “Mining as a Service” package, a flexible service plan that includes operations and equipment. Navégalo manages and maintains the mining infrastructures, optimizes operations and coordinates payouts.

Wholesale Mining

Wholesale Mining

Wholesale Mining services represent a mining-at-scale solution utilizing Navégalo’s ultra-power-efficient and cooling infrastructure and energy and power distribution contracts.

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