Navégalo Cloud

Navégalo Cloud infrastructure is built on ultra-high performance servers, state of the art SSD Hard Drives & Cloudstack virtualization technology.

High-performance and highly available virtual machines protect your applications and services:

  • Reliable enterprise hardware
  • High availability infrastructure with automatic VM failover
  • SSD enterprise storage 
  • High performance KVM based virtualization via Cloudstack hybrid infrastructure
  • Deploy Windows servers and Linux servers, simply select how many licensed windows vCPUs you require or upgrade along the way as needed 
  • 100% Open Stack compatible API
  • Single management console
  • Flexible storage policies per VM
  • Application consistent snapshots
  • Live migration
Network Overview:

  • Bonded 10GB connections
  • Redundant enterprise grade networking equipment
  • Jumbo frames for private VXLAN networks
Advanced Solutions:

  • Backup options available via Acronis Cyber Backup
  • Load Balancing as a Service
  • DDoS Protection & Mitigation available via multiple Arbor Network nodes and 18 worldwide scrubbing centers
  • Cloud Servers powered 100% by Navégalo’s blended and redundant bandwidth 
  • 24/7/365 access to Navégalo´s professional services
Navégalo Cloud


We have designed these instances in order for you to quickly order
cloud servers based on the following most common computing needs:

Instance Type vCPUs RAM (GB) SSD (GB) IP (IPv4) Bandwidth DDoS Protection Server Management Plan Acronis Backup Price / Month
General Purpose 4 8 150 1 150 Mbps 10Gbps Silver Not Included $76.50 ORDER NOW
Compute Optimized 6 16 300 1 150 Mbps 10Gbps Silver Not Included $141.00 ORDER NOW
Memory Optimized 8 24 450 1 150 Mbps 10Gbps Silver Not Included $205.50 ORDER NOW
Accelerated Computing 10 32 600 1 150 Mbps 10Gbps Silver Not Included $270.00 ORDER NOW

Please click on the following link to order a pool of resources or a server based on a different amount of resources than the servers displayed above.