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We have high level certifications and recognitions that guarantee the operation of our Data Centers and the services we offer. In addition, we partner with some of the best global companies to offer a variety of services, solutions, support and advice.

Navégalo Tier3 - Esencial Costa Rica
Navégalo Oracle Gold Partner
Navégalo Microsoft SPLA Partner
Navégalo Microsoft Azure Partner
Navégalo AWS Partner
Navégalo cPanel Partner
Navégalo Plesk Partner
Navégalo RedHat Partner
Navégalo VMWare Partner


Navégalo Título Habilitante SUTEL
Navégalo make IT happen

Navégalo Data Center.

Navégalo Data Center is the largest Data Center in Central America

7 countries, 9 Data Centers, more than 200 providers and 100% redundancy

Costa Rica | Nicaragua | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Panamá | Miami, FL.
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Navégalo Tier3 - Esencial Costa Rica