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3 reasons to choose fiber optics for your company

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In the Central American region, there are companies that are still not connected through a high-speed link to the Internet.

In fact, it is still very common to find the typical copper cable networks where telephony comes from, providing internet services to important companies.

Fiber optic is not a new technology, submarine cables have been interconnecting the continents for many years and making our communications much safer and faster.

There are very good reasons why fiber optics is the best connectivity technology, and should be implemented for your company:

  1. High speed.

In a normal and simple system, speeds close to 100 Mbps can be achieved. However, the incredible capacity of fiber optics has managed to record speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Today, corporate fiber optic links allow for stable connections with the desired capacity. In Central America, we can offer -literally- the bandwidth requested by the client.

  1. Greater ability to send data.

The fiber optic allows for greater bandwidth, thus  meaning a greater amount of data transmission. In other words, more information can be sent in the same unit of time. If we connect 100 computers through a copper cable, they will see their transmission capacity per second reduced. But if we do the same with fiber optics, we will be able to maintain the same speed for all teams and have a unique stability.

  1. Security.

Cybersecurity is a very important topic in an age where we are all interconnected. A data breach can affect the operation of one or more companies. Generally, in a regular cable the information can be intercepted, the fiber optic cable transmits information at the speed of light, so it becomes difficult for an entity to capture the data. Also, it becomes easier to detect when a leak does occur.

The benefits of fiber optics, broadly speaking, allows us to improve many aspects of our operations.

If you have one of these connections yet, now is the time to stay current and keep up with the evolution of the internet.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our team can inform and advise you regarding everything you need to know about this wonderful technology.

Until next week!